Ultimo Titanium SC

10″ 2 or 4 ohm – Aud. RRP $1,228*
12″ 2 or 4 ohm – Aud. RRP $1,318*

*Octopus grill included.

Ultimo Ti SC

Consistent with Morels philosophy, the Ultimo Titanium SC is designed to deliver innovative engineering resulting in extraordinary combination of audiophile bass quality and high power output at a great consumer value.

The new Ultimo Titanium SC employs some of the best technological features of the Ultimo Titanium subwoofer such as Morel’s titanium voice coil former. Exceptionally stiff and lightweight, the titanium improves the dynamics of the driver for even quicker transient response, with lower distortion and increased power handling.

The Ultimo Titanium SC also features a gigantic 5.1” Hexatech™ External Voice coil (EVC™), a hexagonal-shaped aluminum coil wire (2-3 times thicker than standard subwoofers) that is used for accurate music reproduction and for superior durability and power handling. A highly efficient magnet system – DMM™ Double Magnet ferrite Motor that maximizes the magnetic field (over 90% efficiency).

The Ultimo Titanium SC subwoofer employs a unique hybrid paper-carbon fiber composite cone to achieve the extraordinary musicality in SQ application. Its chassis is composed of stamped steel and its power handling is 600WRMS.

Available in 10” and 12” size and offered in a 2 ohm or 4-ohm version for additional flexibility, all at a competitive price.

Spoil yourself, and hear how bass was meant to sound.


Reference SeriesUltimo Ti SC 10.2 / 10.4Ultimo Ti SC 12.2 / 12.4
Reference SeriesSubwoofer 10"Subwoofer 12"
Voice Coil2 ohm Single (Ti 10.2)2 ohm Single (Ti 12.2)
4 ohm Single (Ti 10.4)4 ohm Single (Ti 12.4)
Power Handling600 W/RMS / 2000 MAX600 W/RMS / 2000 MAX
Sensitivity86 dB87 dB
Frequency Resp.10 - 900 Hz10 - 900 Hz
Voice Coil Size130 mm130 mm

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*Prices correct at 01/06/2024 and are subject to change.