Mazzanti Automobili – Italy

Mazzanti & Morel – Craftsmen at Their Very Best.

Leveraging its extensive acoustic know how and its innovative technology, renowned high-end speaker manufacturer, Morel, is proud to announce a special partnership with Mazzanti Automobili the Italian manufacturer of artisan tailor-made Supercars.
The two veteran family owned businesses share a mutual philosophy and are motivated by their passion to deliver high-end performance and cutting-edge innovation. It was a natural choice to join forces with Mazzanti Automobilia says Nir Paz, director of sales and marketing for Morel,

Both companies integrate advanced engineering and technologies along with the great care for detail that can only be achieved with craftsmanship by hand. He concludes.

The experience and the expertise proper of Morel represent an excellence globally recognised remarks Luca Mazzanti, founder and owner of Mazzanti Automobili.

My company hand-builds prestigious Super and Hyper cars, in a very limited number and personally customised for the most exigent collectors all over the world. Thanks to Morel’s tailor-made touch in Audio systems, my jewels will become even more exclusive, giving the pleasure of a sound with no equal.