Maximo Ultra 602 HE

Aust. RRP $430*

*Grills sold separately.

In January 2022, Maximus 602 V2 will be renamed
Maximo Ultra 602 HE (High Efficiency)

Maximo Ultra 602 HE

Maximo Ultra 602 HE is the new name for the Maximus 602-V2  Featuring the re-engineered woofer with a highly efficient hybrid magnet motor and improved suspension, the latest variant delivers bass notes with greater impact and more dynamic midrange, while improving power handling by 50%.

Developed to be an easy, high-fidelity upgrade to any factory 2-way system, the Maximus handles more power so you can add an amplifier to reach even greater output levels but still maintain high levels of fidelity.

*Grilles are not included in the set and are sold separately.


Performance SeriesMaximus 602 V2
Configuration2-way Split system
Driver Size165mm (W), 69 mm (T)
Frequency Resp.60 Hz - 22,000 Hz
Power Handling90 W/RMS 180 W/Peak
Sensitivity94 dB
Impedance4 ohm
Speaker GrillsNot Included

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