Maximo Ultra Coaxial 402 MKII

Aust. MSRP $234*

*Grills included.

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Performance Series

Maximo Ultra Coaxial 402 MKII

Let your Morel journey begin with the Maximo Ultra MKII. Following Morel’s philosophy of developing the industry-leading music systems, the Maximo Ultra MKII series shares our design
principles at an affordable price.
Each kit was engineered to be easily installed in original speaker locations and to be integrated with factory head units or used with an aftermarket amplifier.
Whether your vehicle uses coaxials, or 2 or 3-way components, Maximo Ultra MKII has you covered.
Regardless of what you drive or what genre you listen to, the high value Maximo Ultra MKII will vastly enhance your listening experience. Welcome to the Morel family.


Performance SeriesMaximo Ultra Coaxial 402 MKII
Configuration2-Way Coaxial
Driver Size100 mm (W), Intergrated tweeter
Frequency Resp.75 Hz - 20,000 Hz
Crossover5700 Hz, 6dB
Power Handling45 W/RMS 100 W/Peak
Sensitivity87.5 dB
Impedance4 ohm
Speaker GrillsIncluded

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