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ACUDAMP – 227.8

At Morel, we’re fanatics about getting the best performance out of your audio system. Upgrading to our award-winning speakers is a tremendous first step, but making sure your listening environment is free of noise and vibration will allow your Morel speakers to perform to a much higher level. With this in mind, Morel developed ACUDAMP – a premium line of acoustic materials engineered to significantly reduce interior resonances and isolate and dampen noise to improve the acoustic properties of your vehicle. Applying ACUDAMP materials in key areas will significantly enhance bass performance and reduce distortion to ensure optimized performance of any sound system.

The MAT 227.8 is a 2.7mm (in inches)premium triple-layer damping and vibration control mat that conforms and fuses to sheet metal and other hard substrates and surfaces to eliminate unwanted resonances, improves the damping properties of the car and maximizes the potential of any sound system.

The MAT 227.8 uses premium material composition to allow for durable and strong adhesion and lasting performance, even in extreme temperatures.

*Price per one pack of 8 sheets

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Thickness2.7 mm
ApplicationNoise and vibration control, thermal isolation.
MaterialTripple layer - adhesive / butyl / aluminium
Sheet Size460 x 800 x 2.7 mm
Coverage2,944 M2 (31.689 Ft.²)
Sheets per Box8 Sheets



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