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Grills are not available.

CCWR 254

Broadband speakers that cover both midrange and high-frequency audio spectrum’s are becoming increasingly popular in new vehicles. As a result, Morel developed the CCWR 254 as a premium wide range driver with detailed highs and a lush midrange in a compact size.

Even with its diminutive 2.5″ diameter, the new CCWR 254 employs some of Morel’s best technologies including an extremely powerful dual neodymium EVC magnet motor along with a full copper sleeve. The computer-optimised design ensures superb linearity and high magnetic flux enabling the CCWR 254 to span a frequency response of 300Hz-19kHz with ultra-low distortion across its frequency range.

*Grills are not available.


Performance SeriesCCWR 254
ConfigurationWide range
Driver Size2.5"
Frequency Resp.300 Hz - 19,000 Hz
CrossoverHi Pass i350 Hz
Power Handling40 W/RMS 80 W/Peak
Sensitivity84.5 dB
Impedance4 ohm
Speaker GrillsNot Available

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