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Elate Carbon MW5

Not all drivers are created equal, and the visually inspiring Elate Carbon woofers were developed with next level performance in mind. These new drivers get their Carbon moniker from their triple layer cones from which they are derived, consisting of two layers of carbon fiber sandwiching a Rohacell foam core. These proprietary cones were developed to give them incredible stiffness, high damping and light weight—the trifecta for cone performance.

Paired with a large 3-inch diameter Hexatech aluminum voice coil, titanium former, and Morel’s EVC motor technology, the Elate Carbon achieves remarkable control and low distortion.  which translates to highly transparent and bass-rich sound reproduction.

Few speakers can match the midrange purity and rich bass performance of the Elate Carbon Pro woofers.


Reference SeriesMW5
ConfigurationMidbass Woofer
Power Handling160 W/RMS Max. 1000 W/RMS
Nominal Impedance4 ohms
Sensitivity85 dB
Frequency Resp.40 - 5,000 Hz
Resonant Freq. FS Hz64.4
Voice Coil Size75 mm
Voice Coil Height14.5 mm
Voice Coil FormerTitanium
Voice Coil WireHexatech aluminium
DC Resistance3 6 ohms
Voice Coil Induction0.615 @ 1 kHz (mH)
Magnet SystemDouble Magnet Rear Vented
HE-Magnetic Gap Height5 mm
B-Flux Density (T)0.66
BL Product /BXL5.15
Max Linear XMax+/- 4.75 mm
Magnet SystemNeodymium Rear Vented
Suspension Compliance CMS0.35 mm
Electrical Q Factor QES0.63
Mech. Resist.RMS-N.S/M1.32
MMS (Grams)18
Equiv. Can Air Load VAS-L4.5
Effect. Piston Area SD sq.cm90
Cone TypeOne-piece formed
Dome MaterialDPC
Unit Diameter135 mm
Mounting Depth60 mm
Mounting Cutout120 mm
Net Weight1.05 Kg
Speaker GrillsLotus Grills Included

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