Maximo Ultra 602 HE

Aust. RRP $430*

*Grills sold separately.

Maximo Ultra 602 HE

The new Maximo Ultra 602 HE (High Effeciency) takes over from the Maximus 602 V2.  Featuring a re-engineered woofer with a highly efficient hybrid magnet motor and improved suspension, the latest variant delivers bass notes with greater impact and more dynamic midrange, while improving power handling by 50%.

Developed to be an easy, high-fidelity upgrade to any factory 2-way system, the Maximo Ultra 602 HE handles more power so you can add an amplifier to reach even greater output levels but still maintain high levels of fidelity.

*Grilles are not included in the set and are sold separately.


Performance SeriesMaximus 602 V2
Configuration2-way Split system
Driver Size165mm (W), 69 mm (T)
Frequency Resp.60 Hz - 22,000 Hz
Power Handling90 W/RMS 180 W/Peak
Sensitivity94 dB
Impedance4 ohm
Speaker GrillsNot Included

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