Competition Scene

World Competition Scene

All around the world competitors are vying for the honour of the best Sound Quality vehicle on the circuit, and what is common amongst most winners is that they are using Morel speakers.

Here we hope to bring you the latest news on all the winners using Morel.

September 2022
EMMA Finals Italy

EMMA Italy @barny_hi.fi_ 🥇 🔝🔊🎶
Thanks to Mirko’s incredible achievement we managed to get first place in the most coveted European competition.
The Italian stop in Ciampino (Rome) saw around 70 high-level cars in an extraordinary way in the race.
We thank the organisation starting from Alessandro who hosted the event and managed the event, all the participants for competing and creating a beautiful competitive and friendly climate.
The VW Passat DEMO by Morel Hifi:
“This car system sounds exactly like you’d expect from a MOREL HiFi speaker system.
Sounds natural, dynamic, true!
In two words we could say Strong and Good, but it would be too easy.
An absolutely realistic timbre balance compared to a live event, with all the dynamics and reconstruction of a real stage for height, width and depth. “
Elate Carbon Pro 63  #elatecarbon
Ultimo Carbon Ti 124  #morelultimo
We are really proud and we thank @barny_hi. fi_ for this State of the Art installation.